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Puppy Dreams is Arkansas’ premier licensed retailer of pure- and purpose-bred puppies. By hand-selecting all of our puppies from ethical, reputable breeders across Arkansas, then helping them find their caring, responsible owners, Puppy Dreams is committed to ending the questionable “black market” practices of puppy mills.

There are a million reasons to bring a puppy’s unconditional love into your life, but it’s important to be responsible in how you search for and purchase your perfect pooch. Whether you’re looking to add a new member to your family with a lifelong companion, enrich a kid-free lifestyle, or even a four-legged partner for your favorite hobby, Puppy Dreams can help you find the dog of your dreams. And, with our exclusive Flight Nanny Service, we can hand-deliver your puppy to you anywhere in the country.

At Puppy Dreams, we understand the magic puppies bring, and we’re here to help you find a puppy love that’s meant to be.

Our Promise to Puppies

For more than 10 years, Puppy Dreams has been matching healthy, happy puppies with their perfect forever home. We’re committed to making sure that both our puppies and their loving owners get the best start together, and in our decade of making puppy dreams come true, we’ve never had to send a puppy to the shelter.

Our Philosophy on Puppies

To be your best companion, we believe puppies need to be safe, healthy, and happy from the very beginning. That’s why we only work with licensed partner breeders who meet or exceed rigorous industry and veterinary standards in animal care. We have more than 20 years of experience screening breeders, and we set the bar high, partnering with reputable practices that go above and beyond with state-of-the-art facilities that boast climate-controlled heated floors, easy-to-clean surfaces, exercise areas, indoor/outdoor access and plenty of socialization.

We carry our commitment to transparency into our retail operations as well, making sure you know exactly where your future fur baby was born and raised, who took care of them, and how well they and their mom were treated. At Puppy Dreams, we have zero-tolerance for less-than-perfect practices and we make sure that every puppy receives the exercise, play, and routine veterinary checks they need to be the best they can be.

Our Puppy People

Puppy Dreams in Little Rock provides a unique, one-of-a-kind puppy buying experience. As an exclusive retail outlet for a wide variety of pure- and purpose-bred puppies, as well as world-class puppy supplies, Puppy Dreams combines the confidence of buying from authorized breeders with the convenience of a traditional pet store. At Puppy Dreams, however, there are never any wait lists for your perfect pup and you can come in as often as you like to play with one (or several!) before you adopt.

Puppy Dreams boasts a clean, spotless facility staffed with friendly, knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about puppies. While they’re diligent about lavishing love on the pups as long as they’re here, our employees are focused on one thing—making sure you and your new puppy are the absolute perfect match. From hypoallergenic Aussiedoodles or cute petite Pekingeses to the classic charm of a King Charles Spaniel, our expert staff has a wealth of specific knowledge on breed, personality, and characteristics to help guide you to the puppy that will be the best fit for your family and your lifestyle.

The Puppy Protection Guarantee

At Puppy Dreams, we believe a happy, successful new-puppy experience requires a healthy pooch and peace of mind. That’s why we provide the Puppy Protection Guarantee to help ensure you, your family, and your new puppy receive all the support you need.

  • Initial de-worming treatment
  • Updated shots and vaccinations
  • Current health certificate
  • 5-day viral warranty
  • 5-generation pedigree on most puppies
  • 1-year protection against genetic and congenital health defects
  • MyPet Trainer, a 15-week age-based positive reinforcement training program*
  • Microchip and registration with Lostmypet.com with every puppy**

*Your new puppy will start receiving basic training and socialization in-store

**Fees for microchipping are included in the purchase price.

What Makes Puppy Dreams Different

When you find your perfect puppy, nothing should keep you apart, and with the exclusive Flight Nanny service from Puppy Dreams, it doesn’t have to. If your dream puppy is here in Arkansas but you’re not, you can have your precious pooch hand-delivered to you anywhere in the country by a dedicated, experienced caretaker. With several delivery options to choose from, our Flight Nannies will accompany your new fur baby from our store to your arms for a safe, secure, and stress-free start to puppy parenthood.

Find out more about our Flight Nanny service here.


Your perfect puppy is waiting for you at Puppy Dreams in Arkansas. You can stop by our Little Rock puppy store anytime during normal business hours or book an appointment for free.

10101 Mabelvale Plaza Drive Suite 5 Little Rock, AR 72209 (501) 408-2007

14810 Cantrell Road, Suit 172 Little Rock, AR 72223 (501) 367-8057

*Dinner time at all of our locations is from 5-5:30 pm Monday thru Saturday and 4-4:30 pm on Sundays, during which we pause all playtime. This helps ensure that our puppies can focus on eating so they remain healthy and happy.